Today in this lesson we are going to study 'what is rotatory motion'? What are the examples of rotatory motion? We will also learn some real life examples of rotatory motion.

In previous lessons we have already learnt what is motion and what are the types of motion? If you want to study motion in detail then you can go through the lessons.

Here we are going to start with the type of motion which is 'rotatory motion'. So, what is the definition of rotatory motion?

Rotatory Motion Definition

A motion body that is spinning around some rotation of its axis without moving position is called rotatory motion.

The word 'rotatory' means a body or object is occurring in motion. In simple words "the type of motion in which a body rotates around an axis is called rotatory motion". Rotatory motion also known as rotational motion or circular motion.

Rotatory Motion Examples

Here are some real life examples of rotatory motion and with the help of these examples and images you can easily understand the concept of rotatory motion. The are given below,
  • Have you ever played with a spinning top in your childhood? If yes, your childhood was great. A rotating spinning top is the perfect example of rotatory motion.
  • Another example of rotatory motion is fidget spinner. You must be aware of this hand spinner as it is trending nowadays.
  • The earth is rotating on its own axis.
  • A rotating fan on its own axis.
  • A spinning football on finger.
  • The blades of a helicopter.
  • A rotating turbine.
  • A spinning wheel.
  • A Ferris wheel.
  • A windmill.

Rotatory Motion Images

Here are some images of rotatory motion all together.


Rotatory Motion Images

Most Asked Questions

Q1. What is rotatory motion?

Ans: The type of motion in which a body rotates around an axis is called rotatory motion.

Q2. What causes rotatory motion?

Ans: Torque causes rotatory motion.

Q3. What are rotatory motion examples?

Ans: These are few examples,
  • A windmill
  • A Ferris wheel
  • A rotating turbine.